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Brazil: #OccupyCabral


Rio de Janeiro

With the 2014 World Cup fast approaching, 170,000 Brazilian favela residents are scheduled to...

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Occupy Cabral protesters. Image by Jawad Wahabzada. Brazil, 2013.

In recent months, protesters in Brazil have taken to the streets to oppose what they see as poor governance by the state, including mega-spending on projects related to next year's FIFA World Cup. A group of activists in Rio de Janeiro is trying a new approach — called Occupy Cabral.

Instead of protesting in front of the parliament building, this group of protesters has decided to bring the demonstration to Governor Sergio Cabral's doorstep. Occupying the front steps of his palace, the demonstrators are for the most part quiet. But they do get passing cars to honk their horns in order to annoy the neighbors and Governor Cabral.



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