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Story Publication logo January 12, 2024

'Bonded by Brick': The Life of a Labourer Outside a Brick Kiln | Ep 03


Young men lay bricks to dry

A documentary series uncovers Pakistan’s pressing social ill of modern slavery.

Video by Aisha Farrukh.

Fayyaz is one of the few brick kiln workers who escaped slavery and are now earning a respectable life as a gardener. Episode 03 of Bonded by Brick takes a look at how life changes when a labourer gets free from the bondage of debt and where the concerned authorities are lacking in safeguarding the rights of brick kiln workers.

More than 4 million bonded labourers, around 20,000 brick kilns, and one human rights activist working for their freedom. TCM presents Bonded by Brick, an exclusive documentary series that explores different dimensions of modern-day slavery that exists in almost every rural and urban centre across Pakistan.

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Labor Rights

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