Aisha Farrukh


Aisha Farrukh is a Pakistan-based multimedia journalist. With more than five years of professional experience, she works as the head of the content department at The Centrum Media (TCM), Pakistan's first digital news network. 

Mainly focusing on historical and hard-core news stories, Farrukh has produced multiple journalistic pieces that have created a discourse in Pakistan’s hostile and polarized society. She has traveled across the country to produce stories, multiple of which were published by national media in Pakistan. 

Farrukh aims to create an impact on society by doing the stories that can trigger people in positions of power to take practical actions against malpractices. 

Recently, she won story grants from Environmental Justice Network by Internews and GRID-Arendal by UN Environment Programme. She is also a two-time winner of the Journalist of the Year award in the category of Impact Journalism by Agahi Foundation.

Aisha Farrukh