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Story Publication logo June 6, 2023

Bill 490 Already Affects Indigenous Communities Even Before It Is Judged (Portuguese)


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Indigenous communities embrace their ancestry in building solutions to guarantee the future of the...

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An English summary of this report is below. The original report, published in Portuguese in Público, follows.

On the morning of May 27, Leirejane Nagelo da Silva, of the Macuxi people, received news that part of the territory of the Morcego community, where she is tuxaua (cacica), had been surrounded and allotted by invaders coming from a settlement on the limits of the demarcated area.

The community, which is located in the Serra da Moça Indigenous Land, in Roraima, suffered the attack three days after the House of Representatives approved the urgency for the vote on PL 490, which deals with the thesis of the Temporal Milestone. Less than a week later, on May 30, the deputies approved the project of the temporal mark by 283 votes against 155, in another victory of the ruralist benches.

The text still needs the approval of the Senate. The processing of the project was accelerated in Congress due to the proximity of the trial of the time limit in the STF (Federal Supreme Court), scheduled for this Wednesday.

Image by Amanda Magnani. Brazil, 2023.

Image by Amanda Magnani. Brazil, 2023.

Image by Amanda Magnani. Brazil, 2023.


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