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Story Publication logo June 3, 2015

BBC Newshour Interviews Michael Scott Moore on His Kidnapping


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Journalist Michael Scott Moore was held hostage for 32 months by Somali pirates. He is recovering...

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The photographer, Cynthia E Wood, posted this image in a Facebook group on Michael Scott Moore’s birthday in 2012, after he had been kidnapped. It became a touchstone image for his friends during his captivity. Image by Cynthia E. Wood.

Following the trial of 10 Somali pirates in Hamburg, German-American journalist Michael Scott Moore traveled to Somalia investigate Somali piracy. In early 2012, a gang of Somali pirates kidnapped Moore and held him for ransom. Moore's captivity lasted a total of 977 days.

In this radio interview by John Humphrys, featured in the June 2, 2015 edition of the BBC Newshour, Michael Scott Moore tells his story.

To listen to the full interview, follow this link to the BBC Newshour site, and begin listening at 29:55.

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