Story December 23, 2022

2022: A Year in Photos


Images by Andrés Cardona, Shefali Rafiq, Paolo Pellegrin, and Danila Bustamante.

In 2022, the Pulitzer Center supported photojournalism that captured a wide array of the year’s most definitive moments. The work featured here exemplifies visual storytelling with depth and nuance. These images show the heartbreak of conflict, demands for justice, and the global fight for liberty and equality. They beckon viewers to witness the effects of deforestation and meet the communities living on the front lines of climate change.

Together, this collection of Pulitzer Center-supported work visualizes our mission to raise awareness of underreported global issues, sustain attention on urgent stories, and hold those in power to account. Our grants and fellowships for freelance and staff photojournalists aim to cultivate equal representation of voices in our work and the journalism we support.

Photojournalism is a powerful mechanism to provoke positive change. Universally understood, visual storytelling communicates across languages, distances, and lived experiences. It takes great care, intention, and determination to produce work with such impact, and we are thankful to our grantees and reporting partners for furthering the Pulitzer Center's mission.

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