'Guanajuato Norte'

Every summer, Winny Contreras is busy taking care of the strawberries and vegetables at Rose’s Berry Farm, as he has done for the last 24 years. This summer is different: He will be traveling home to Guanajuato, Mexico to see his eldest child, Mayra,  graduate from University. After years of sacrifice, and long months away from his family, Winny will get to see the fruits of his labor as his daughter gets her degree and starts a career. Winny is one of a dozen men from the same town who live and work in the same trailer on the farm, but he is one of the few who can go safely back and forth to see his family. Their sacrifice, however, is the same—leaving behind their families to work in the United States and help their loved ones achieve their dreams. View the trailer for "Guanajuato Norte," the documentary that tells Winny's story.