National Geographic

Lost Lords of the Sahara

Tuareg rebels have been fighting the Niger government, with some support from Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi, for a share in the lucrative uranium mined on their lands.

Rains that Don't Wet

Rising temperatures and fluctuating weather conditions in Mongolia's countryside could be caused by global warming.

Holding Back the Gobi

Global warming is harming Mongolia's grasslands, which feed the livestock that directly support nearly half of the country's population.

Global Warming Makes a Splash

In Carhuaz, Peru, a massive flood caused by climate change has dramatically altered one woman's way of life. Others could face similar destruction.

An Optimist (on Ice)

The Pastoriri Glacier, once a popular ski destination, may have shrunk by 70 percent in the last 48 years. And the culprit appears to be global warming, not tourism.

Huaytapallana: Glacier Close Up

With most of the tropical glaciers found in the Andes, the quickly vanishing white peaks are becoming a rare sight, and a cause for concern, as some estimate they will vanish within this lifetime.

Peru: Waiting for Water

Lima's population boom, and a lack of infrastructure to support it, has left some residents waiting 40 years for running water.

Lima's Brown Coast

Called the Costa Verde or, green coast for its once lush vegetation, today the cliff area on Lima's coast is mostly bare.

How Will Lima Slake its Growing Thirst?

Lima is one of the cities most immediately threatened by global warming. How will the Peruvian capital respond to decline of its chief source of water as its population grows and demand increases?