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Pulitzer Center Congo Footage Airs on Dancing with the Stars, Tuesday 10/19

Footage from Mvemba Phezo Dizolele's reporting project, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), where air on Dancing with the Stars on Tuesday, October 19. Dancing with the Stars will use the footage to help tell the story of a group of five dancers from the DRC that will be dancing on the show.

Visit for local listings and to watch the episode.

"Sons of Lwala" featured on ABC World News Tonight, 1/30

Pulitzer Center grantee Barry Simmon's documentary, "Sons of Lwala," will be recognized by ABC World News Tonight, January 30, 2009. " Since the film's debut in April 2008, it has garnered many awards including the 2009 Dartmouth Martin Luther King Junior Social Justice Award for Emerging Leadership. Themain subject of the documentary, Milton Ochieng, who along with his brother helped build their village's first clinic is ABC's Person of the Week.