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Project February 21, 2014

William & Mary 2013-2014 Sharp Reporting Projects

Media file: immigration_rights_march.jpg

Eight William & Mary students worked with Pulitzer Center grantees Stephanie Hanes and Jina Moore during the 2013-2014 academic year to develop their writing and reporting skills through the third Sharp Writer-in-Residence Program. The program is a joint Campus Consortium initiative with the Pulitzer Center and the William & Mary Roy R. Charles Center, supported by William & Mary alumni Anne and Barry Sharp.

The College launched its Campus Consortium partnership in fall 2011 with the first Sharp Writer-in-Residence Program. Following the Sharps' vision and for the third year running, the College and the Pulitzer Center offered a unique experience for students, developing integrated programming segments during the academic year tied together through a three-credit seminar named in honor of the Sharps. Pulitzer Center grantees Hanes and Moore led the students through the process of developing and finalizing their reporting projects.

In addition to small group and individual sessions with each student, the journalists and the Pulitzer Center created a series of workshops exploring the craft of journalism and today's media landscape as well as providing a window into the journalists' own reporting projects and career paths. Each seminar student undertook a reporting project of his or her own choice and worked with the journalists to craft the final product, published on the Pulitzer Center platform and on the William & Mary Charles Center site. These final products are the culmination of the students' independent reporting and the mentoring support by Hanes and Moore through the 2013-2014 Sharp seminar.

Editor's Note: Project page image is associated with the article by Brian Comiskey, who participated in the 2013-2014 as a senior at the College of William & Mary majoring in international relations with a concentration in Hispanic studies. The photograph is from an immigrant rights march for amnesty in downtown Los Angeles on May Day 2006. Image by Jonathan McIntosh / Creative Commons. United States, 2006.