Close to 40 men and women sit around a table and share a meal inside the kitchen of the shelter.
Runaway migrant workers shared a meal inside the kitchen of the shelter. Image by Xyza Bacani. Singapore, 2016. Add this image to a lesson

Hidden behind a shelter in Singapore are hundreds of distressed migrant workers of different nationalities waiting for their cases to be heard and hoping to move on. These people are victims of human labor trafficking, child labor, and emotional, psychological and physical abuses.

Women are most vulnerable to these types of abuses, but even male migrant workers are subject to exploitation. Migrant workers from China, Bangladesh, India and other Asian countries go to Singapore to work as construction workers with little protection from local labor laws.

In this project, photojournalist Xyza Bacani documents the lives of migrant workers in Singapore who left their home countries to seek a better economic future for their families but ended up being exploited.



Migration and Refugees


Migration and Refugees

Migration and Refugees