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Project August 7, 2019

New Challenges in Senegal: Type 2 Diabetes


Citizens walking outside of local hospital. Sengal, 2019.
Citizens walking outside of local hospital. Sengal, 2019.

As Senegal develops and grows, it faces new health concerns that challenge its health system. Non-communicable diseases like diabetes are on the rise, due in large part to the diet and lifestyle that come with the urbanization and globalization of populations in cities like Dakar. As Senegal develops, individuals tend to lead an increasingly sedentary life with a Western diet, filled with foods that are high in sugar and fat.

While diabetes is widely known, it is not well understood among the general population. There is a need for education, sensitization, and prevention programs that educate people on the dangers of diabetes and how to avoid it. Individuals who have been diagnosed with diabetes face the challenge of adjusting to a new diet and handling the high costs associated with diabetes management. Luckily, there are expert medical professionals focusing on diabetes care and research who are tackling the challenges of providing care and have a vision for what the country needs moving forward.



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Health Inequities

Health Inequities