Morocco, Morocco is a short documentary film about how a small town in America got its name. In a series of story lines, the film explores how the rural community of Morocco, Indiana, is trying to retain its identity at a time when America itself is grappling with the politicized and divisive notion of who belongs.

Founded in 1851, Morocco’s population has remained steady at around 1,000 residents. Everyone in Morocco, Indiana, has a slightly different version of how the town got its name, and very few know much about the north African country of Morocco. According to local lore, a traveler wearing red Moroccan leather boots passed through while the founders were clearing land. This gave them the idea to name the town after Morocco. It is the only community in the world that is named after the country of Morocco.

We visit a fourth-grade class at Morocco Elementary as they draw pictures of what they think the country of Morocco looks like. We then travel to the country to film students drawing pictures of what they think a small town in America looks like.

Morocco, Morocco is a film about us, about the stories that connect us. It was filmed in partnership with Columbia College Chicago.



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Bringing Stories Home

Bringing Stories Home