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Project November 2, 2021

India-China's balancing act on the border


China's gain and loss in the developments of the conflict in Ladakh are growing more complex. In the last two years, shifts in the conflict have impacted Ladakh and its residents, while India and China continued to shape their foreign policy accordingly.

In Ladakh territory, India and China have been contesting for global dominance and even engaged in a military conflict since last year. Both have been diplomatically fighting each other and thus impacting trade too. On the Line of Actual Control — the de facto border — the countries' troops were engaged with each other, even causing some casualties. The conflict is not over yet and it has affected the lives of people on the border regions.

India and China both continue to engage with each other through all channels while the residents on the border, in Ladakh, shape their lives accordingly with the threat of war looming over them.


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War and Conflict