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Project May 15, 2016

Britain's Irregular Migrants

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Members of Migrants Organise, a London-based advocacy organization for immigrants, chant before a community meeting with the London Mayoral candidates on April 28. Image by Abe Kenmore. United Kingdom, 2016.

Alongside the streams of refugees crossing the Mediterranean and asylum seekers camped in places like Calais, there are also a number of people already in the United Kingdom without legal standing.

Of the roughly 618,000 irregular migrants in the UK, most have arrived legally, many of them asylum seekers whose applications have been turned down by the Home Office. The government has just passed new immigration legislation to try and remove these irregular migrants and discourage more people from becoming irregular.

By drawing on the experience of everyone from immigration experts to asylum seekers themselves, this project will examine the potential effectiveness—and human cost—of this new legislation.


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Migration and Refugees

Migration and Refugees