Steve Martin Saning'o


Steve Martin Saning'o is a freelance documentary and video journalist based in Tanzania. After growing up in northern Tanzania's Maasailand, he graduated from Arusha Journalism Training College and from Kilimanjaro Film Institute. He worked extensively with community radio in the Maasai village Terrat, where he had rare access to often camera-shy villagers. He also broke new ground with the use of mobile cinema, showing his informational documentaries in villages and even in individual bomas (Maasai homes).

Steve has worked as a research journalist at Made in Africa TV, Dar es Salaam, and at the Kilimanjaro Film Institute. He has served as an information consultant to several non-governmental organizations. Steve sees documentaries as tools that can help inform people who have had little access to media. While he lives in Arusha, he regularly visits his beloved home village, Terrat.