Sofía López Mañán


Sofía López Mañán is an Argentinian artist, photographer, filmmaker, and naturalist. Her work focuses on the intricate relationship between humans and the environment. 

As a National Geographic explorer, she has received numerous production grants for environmental projects in Latin America. Her latest personal project, "El Libro de la Naturaleza," which investigates nature as a social construct, was part of the Joops Swart Master Class 2019 and received awards from PhMuseum Grant, Vogue Italia, and Sony awards. Currently, she is in the process of publishing a book. 

Her works have been exhibited in several national and international art galleries and have been published in international outlets such as The New York Times Magazine, Vice, Stern, El País, and Gatopardo among others. As a filmmaker, she is finishing her debut film, Kamatsu's Odyssey, supported by a grant from the Argentine Film Institute (INCAA).

Black and white image of a woman with short curly hair wearing a necklace and tshirt