Selay Kouassi


Selay Marius Kouassi is a print journalist who recently shifted to multimedia. He currently works for the Abidjan-based multimedia group Abidjan Live News and has been working as a reporter for Radio Netherlands Worldwide and Dutch-based Africa Interactive. He has also freelanced for the BBC's bureau in Abidjan, DPA (German Press Agency) and The Guardian.
Kouassi was among a group of African journalists selected for the ''Twenty Ten'' project that covered the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. He wrote a book chapter on how Ivorian soccer player and international star Didier Drogba has helped reunite a divided Ivory Coast. That story was later turned into a movie, ''The Elephants' Dream of Peace,'' by Lokaal Mondiaal and broadcast by BBC World.
Kouassi has a strong interest in investigative journalism. He has reported extensively on corruption, human rights and human trafficking. His work on gender discrimination in Ivory Coast schools, on child labor in cocoa production and the plight of cocoa farmers in Ivory Coast, and on LBGT rights and sexual and reproductive health has received international notice.

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