Rhodessa Jones


Rhodessa Jones is a writer, performer, and the co-artistic director of the San Francisco-based performance company Cultural Odyssey. Jones is the director of The Medea Project: Theater for Incarcerated Women, a workshop that centers the lives of incarcerated women and examines the potential role of theater in reducing recidivism rates. Beginning with a 2008 collaboration with UCSF's Women's HIV Clinic, The Medea Project has also used theater to examine "what it means to be living with the virus in the twenty-first century". Jones's work has been recognized in numerous publications including Rhodessa Jones and Theater for Incarcerated Women (The University of North Carolina Press) and Colored Contradictions: An Anthology of Contemporary African-American Plays (Penguin Group). For more information please visit: https://themedeaproject.weebly.com/ and http://www.culturalodyssey.org/bio-rhodessa.