Peter Ford


Peter Ford began his reporting career in Central America in 1985, covering civil wars and their political and economic impact in Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala for the Financial Times (London), The Economist (London) and The Christian Science Monitor (Boston) while also making freelance contributions to the BBC and other international media.
He moved to Buenos Aires in 1988 to cover the Southern Cone of Latin America for The Independent (London) and The Christian Science Monitor, before moving to Jerusalem in 1990 as Middle East correspondent for The Christian Science Monitor.
In that post he covered the 1991 Gulf war, the end of the first Palestinian intifadah and the Middle East peace process.
He became Moscow correspondent for the Monitor in 1994, covering the Yeltsin years and the first war in Chechnya, and moved to Paris, as chief European correspondent in 1998. He covered the whole of Europe for seven years, also making a number of extended trips to the Middle East to cover the war in Iraq and its aftermath.
He took up the post of Beijing correspondent for the Monitor in November 2006

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