Morena Perez


Morena Perez is a documentary photographer and freelance photojournalist. She was born in Guatemala and is Mestiza, of indigenous origins. She holds a bachelor's degree in communication sciences for development and is dedicated to documenting issues related to indigenous movements, environmental defense, migration, and gender issues. She has been a photographer for local newspapers such as: Siglo XXI, Magazine 21, La Cuerda, The Christian Science Monitor, Global Initiative, and Deutsche Welle. She is also a freelance journalist and her work appears in international news outlets like Deutsche Press Agency and Stars Foundation. She also works as a local fixer for National Geographic, The Washington Post, Vice, independent documentary projects, and The International Women's Media Foundation. She founded an art, culture, and documentary collective and, in 2018, she was creative producer of a documentary about indigenous movements in Chiapas that screened at Sundance Festival.