Monsicha 'Sam' Hoonsuwan


Sam graduated from Drake University in May of 2011 with bachelor's degrees in Journalism and Mass Communication (Magazines) and International Relations (with a Certificate of Language and Culture). Though born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, Sam has spent a significant amount of her life in the U.S., Japan, and New Zealand, and has traveled to many countries throughout Asia. She came to the Pulitzer Center with strong interests in uncovering rudimentary causes of conflicts around the world—especially cultural and environmental—as increasing number of people are vying for the world's dwindling resources.

At Drake, Sam wrote an article on ethnic Tai Dam in Des Moines and was a senior editor of Think—a national award-winning student magazine that covered global stories through a Midwest perspective. Her travel articles have also appeared on Asia's leading magazines like Travel+Leisure Southeast Asia and Lifestyle and Travel where she worked as an intern. In addition to writing and editing, her time at Travel+Leisure Southeast Asia included work with the digital media manager on content production focusing on SEO and website content management as well as maintaining regular updates on Twitter and Facebook. Sam is bilingual in Thai and English, an intermediate speaker of Japanese and a beginner of Mandarin Chinese.

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