Michael Tweddle


Journalism Fund

Michael Tweddle is an award-winning wildlife and conservation photographer whose work has been featured in exhibitions across the globe. He studied Audiovisual Communications in Lima, Peru. He published the book Amarakaeri: Connecting Biodiversity (2020) with the Smithsonian Institute. He won second place in the National Wildlife Federation 2012 award (U.S.) and the Peru Foto 1992 award from the Alianza Francesa (Peru). His photography of jaguars inspired the creation of a coin in the Endangered Wildlife series of the Peruvian currency.

Exhibitions: International Nature Image Festival 2017 (Portugal); Peruvian Photographers: from the conceptual to the everyday 2017 (Peru); FotoDubai 2016 (UAE); Narava Photo 2016 (Slovenia); ND Awards 2016 (U.S.); Focusing on Wildlife 2015 (Switzerland); Memorial María Luisa 2015 (Spain); International Color Awards 2014 (U.S.); Golden Turtle Awards 2014 (Russia); Zoological Society of London 2013 (UK); Instituto Cervantes Centro Cultural Español - Amazonia Peru Wild Adventure 2013 (Australia); Exposure Awards 2013 (U.S.); Natural Heritage by World Photographers 2012 (Germany); Rapa Nui Extreme Survival 2012 (Canary Islands); Instituto Cervantes Centro Cultural Español - Machu Picchu 100 years since its discovery 2011 (Australia); National Geographic expeditions of 1911-1914 at Kennesaw State University in Atlanta Georgia (U.S.); The Erotic Eye and its Nude 2006 (Belgium); Arte Iberoamericano 2005 (Argentina); Embassy of Peru Washington DC - Metamorphosis 2003 (U.S.); Biennial of Quito 2001 (Ecuador); Foto España 1999 (Spain).

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