Manny Kudluk


Manny Kudluk, the former vice chairperson of the Inuvialuit Game Council, was raised in Sachs Harbour Northwest Territories in Canada. Kudluk has worked in the Arctic as a guide, observer/communicator, and corporate manager.

His political career started at age 19, when he was appointed to the Musk-ox Product Company Board of Directors. He has served the community of Sachs Harbour as the director of the Inuvialuit Game Council, and he was also the director of the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation for seven years. He's a founding member of PermafrostNet, an initiative for climate-change adaptation.

Kudluk founded Back of the Earth Adventures, the first Inuvialuit guiding company for the 30-year-old Aulavik National Park in Canada, with a mission to immerse visitors in the region's natural and cultural heritage while supporting the local community and promoting eco-friendly practices.

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