Luisa García Tellez


Luisa García Tellez is a Peruvian investigative reporter specializing in economic issues (pension funds, consumer banking, and accounting offenses) and focused on investigating how corporate power affects consumers. She has a master’s in accounting from The London School of Economics.

As a journalist at IDL-Reporteros (Lima, Peru), she was part of the Panama Papers and Swiss Leaks award-winning projects, coordinated by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. Currently, she is a global lecturer in the Communication Department at the University of Arizona and a former university lecturer of investigative and specialized journalism at Peruvian University of Applied Sciences and Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.

In 2017, she published Háblame de tus fuentes. Aprendizajes de veinte reporteros de investigación iberoamericanos (Tell me about your sources. Learnings of 20 Ibero-American investigative reporters).