Linda Matchan


Linda Matchan is a Canadian-born print and multi-media reporter for the Boston Globe. She covers the arts, writes features, and has done investigative work for the Globe, including a year-long series of articles on sexual abuse within the Catholic Church. She has also reported from Japan for the PRI/BBC radio show, "The World." She co-produced a one-hour documentary, "The Forward: From Immigrants to Americans" about the New York Yiddish newspaper, the Jewish Daily Forward. Fully funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, it was shown on public television and theatrically, and won the Outstanding Independent Film Award at the New England Film and Video Festival. With photographer Michele Mcdonald, shes working on an ongoing series, "The Art of Isolation," about artists who work in isolated areas of the world. Shes received two awards from the Society of American Travel Writers for her work on the Canadian Arctic.

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