J.M. Ledgard


Jonathan Ledgard is using AI, robot, and molecular biology approaches give a digital identity and interspecies money to nonhuman life forms. He is a leading thinker on advanced technology, nature, and risk in emerging economies.

Over two decades, he reported from 60 countries as an award-winning foreign and war correspondent for The Economist—including a decade in Africa. His reporting on the arrival of the mobile phone into Africa caused him to quit reporting and move into technology.

As a director at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, he invented blood delivery by drone for the tropics.

Separately, as J.M. Ledgard, he is a bestselling novelist. His first novel, Giraffe, concerning captivity, is a cult novel for animal rights activists. His second novel, Submergence, describing life in the deep ocean, was a New York Times Book of the Year. 

Jonathan Ledgard headshot