Jeffrey Barbee


Jeffrey Barbee was born in the mountains of Colorado and brought up in the African country of Malawi and works as a photojournalist out of his studio in Johannesburg, South Africa. Starting his photographic education in 1994 at an institute in the US, Barbee went on to work for National Geographic photographer David Hiser as an apprentice and assistant. He returned in 1996 to Africa to work full time in photojournalism.

Barbees photographic work on AIDS, education and environmental topics appears regularly in The New York Times, The Guardian, Newsweek, GEO and other newspapers and magazines. He works freelance and feels strongly about the projects that he takes on, preferring to work closely with editors and photo desks as projects unfold.

In April, Barbee exhibited a large selection of images about Globalization and its effect on Africa at the Levine Museum in Charlotte, North Carolina. The chance to exhibit images on the internet and in public spaces is an important part of keeping these issues directly in the public eye. Hopefully in the course of viewing, many more people are made aware of the plight of people living in the 3rd world, and the choices they are forced to make as part of their day to day existence.

His personal website is