Jaimi Foster


Jaimi Foster, M.Ed. is a recent graduate from Arizona State University’s Higher and Postsecondary Education program. Foster is originally from Arizona but completed her Honors BA in International Relations at the University of Toronto, during which she conducted research on U.S. Foreign Policy and Feminist Perspectives in International Relations.

Foster recently examined how participation in recreational sports impacts student’s health and wellbeing, and GPA, as part of her M.Ed. program. Her interest stems from lifelong participation in athletics, including playing collegiate tennis and competing on the junior national pickleball circuit. Her paper can be accessed here

The Land Grab Universities blog will be Foster’s first published article. Future research interests include how to better support women and minorities in Higher Education, and an expansion of her M.Ed. project (specifically focused on the pickleball phenomenon and developing accessible athletic programming for Higher Ed institutions in North America).

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