Isabela Ponce Ycaza


Isabela Ponce Ycaza is a digital media journalist and the co-founder of, a leading digital media outlet in Ecuador. She has a degree in journalism from the Casa Grande University of Guayaquil, and a Master's Degree in Anthropology, Environment and Development from University College London (UCL) in London. She is also a two-time fellow for the Gabriel García Márquez Foundation for New Ibero-American Journalism.

Ponces Ycaza has worked for El Telégrafo, Vistazo, El Comercio, and La República (Peru) newspapers. She is also the media content director for SembraMedia, the first independent digital media network in the region. In May 2016, Courrier International—magazine of the group Le Monde de Paris—translated her piece,"Pedernales rebuilds its people," a chronicle about how the inhabitants of Pedernales, Manabí, recovered from the earthquake of April 16 in Ecuador. Her article, "The make-up artist of the dead" was published in the book of the First CIESPAL Prize for Chronicles in 2014.

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