Guillaume Bonn


Guillaume Bonn was born in Madagascar to a third generation of a French family, studied politics and economics in Montreal University and graduated from the International Centre of Photography in New York.

Guillaume lived and grew up in Tananarive, Djibouti, Moroni, Sana'a, Lausanne, Nairobi, Kathmandu and Saigon. He has been a photographer and filmmaker for the last 20 years and has reported on conflict and social issues in Sudan, Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Somalia, Mauritania and dozens of other countries. He and writer Marc Lacey were the first journalists to cover the Darfur crisis from inside Sudan for The New York Times; they also uncovered the sexual abuses committed against children in Congo by UN peacekeepers. Guillaume received a PDN photography Annual Award, and was nominated for the leading photography award in sustainability PRIX PICTET in 2012 and 2013. He is the winner of POPCAP12 Prize for Contemporary African Photography.

Author of three photographic books, including his first monograph "Le Mal d'Afrique, a Journey into Old and New Africa," which was exhibited at the Nairobi National Museum and includes photographs that are now part of the permanent collection of the museum. He directed a number of short documentaries for CNN's Inside Africa and worked as a cameraman on "Dying to Tell the Story," a 90-minute CNN documentary nominated for an Emmy award. He directed "Peter Beard Scrapbooks from Africa & Beyond" produced by CANAL + on the American artist, which was screened at the Sundance film festival and shown on TV channels worldwide.

He lives in Paris, Nairobi and London and has been a contributor to Vanity Fair magazine since 2002, covering a range of stories, from the conflict in North Uganda with the late Christopher Hitchens, to the murder of conservationist Joan Root near Lake Naivasha and his recent "Agony & Ivory" on African elephants and the ivory trade.
Guillaume is currently working on two books, including one with writer Jon Lee Anderson.

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