Gisele Lobato


Journalism Fund

Gisele Lobato has been an editor at Repórter Brasil since October 2021, and is responsible for coordinating the Ruralômetro 2022 project.

A graduate of the University of São Paulo, she was a staff writer and assistant editor at Agora São Paulo newspaper and a correspondent for Lusa news agency.

In 2013, Lobato left Brazil to pursue a master's degree in African Studies in Lisbon, where she revealed that a secret military mission of the Brazilian dictatorship fought in the Angolan Civil War in 1975—research that continues in her doctorate, which is still in progress.

Parallel to her academic life, she collaborated as a freelancer for outlets such as Folha de S.Paulo, Piauí, and the Portuguese newspaper, Público. Among her reports, the coverage of the return of conflict in Mozambique in 2016 stands out.

Gisele Lobato