Elizabeth Dickinson


Elizabeth Dickinson is a Deca journalist based in the Arabian Peninsula. She is a columnist at Foreign Policy magazine and associate editor at Devex. Her writing has additionally appeared in The New Yorker, The Economist, Politico Magazine, Monocle, the Christian Science Monitor, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and The Financial Times, among others.

Elizabeth was the first Western journalist to chronicle the private Kuwaiti donor network funding Syria's opposition and has written extensively about Gulf financing to conflict. She is the author of the Kindle Single Godfathers and Thieves, the untold story of how a hidden army of Syrian exiles poured their life savings into defeating the regime. Her previous Kindle Single is Who Shot Ahmed, the true life murder mystery of a 22-year-old videographer, shot in cold blood at the height of Bahrain's Arab Spring. She is co-editor of the recent book The Southern Tiger, a narrative memoir by Chilean President Ricardo Lagos.

Elizabeth is a former Gulf Correspondent for The National newspaper, assistant managing editor at Foreign Policy magazine, and Nigeria correspondent for The Economist. She graduated Cum Laude from Yale University, with a degree in African and International Studies. A Overseas Press Club scholarship recipient, she has reported from five continents and speaks French, Spanish, and Krio (Sierra Leone), as well as basic Yoruba and Arabic. She's addicted to distance running -- and Twitter: @DickinsonBeth

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