Elaine Ganley


Elaine Ganley is a veteran reporter for the Associated Press, in Paris since 1984 after working in U.S. bureaus. She has covered the far right, Islam in France, North Africa, and migration.

Ganley joined the AP in 1978, working in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and New York. From Paris, she has traveled to North Africa, notably to Algeria, covering the rise of Islamist fundamentalists, the ensuing civil war in the 1990s, and Tunisia’s 2011 revolution. She has also reported from northern France on migrants seeking a home in Britain. Before joining the AP in 1978, she worked as a journalist in Iran.

She holds a master’s degree from Ohio University's E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. Ganley is the recipient of the Oliver S. Gramling Award and the L.J. Hortin Distinguished Alumna Award.

Elaine Ganley headshot