Debra Mullis


Debra Mullis lives in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and is a student at Forsyth Technical Community College. Debra began editing Forsyth Tech's newspaper, Technically Speaking, as a high school student taking college classes and continued to work as the head editor after enrolling at the school full time to earn her Associates of Arts. As the head editor, she worked to showcase the school's bounty of diverse voices. Debra also contributed a story on second-hand fashion to her local NPR affiliate station, WFDD, as a part of their Radio 101 program for students. 

Outside of school Debra is devoted to the arts both as a hobby and a job. Personally, she loves painting, especially when she can incorporate discarded materials to create interesting textures and visual variety. She has worked at the local arts nonprofit, Sawtooth School for Visual Arts, for the past three years, first as an intern with their youth art programming and later as a Registration Coordinator. 

This fall, Debra will be transferring to North Carolina State University as a junior majoring in Political Science with a Public Policy concentration, where she hopes to continue to participate in journalism.

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