Christ Jacob Belseran


Journalism Fund
Southeast Asia

Born in Eti, Piru, Seram District, West Maluku in Indonesia, Christ Jacob Belseran graduated with a bachelor's degree from the University of Pattimura Ambon's faculty of fisheries and marine science. Belseran started his journalism career in 2012 at Molluca TV. In 2014, he moved to national TV station Rajawali Televisi in Jakarta and worked as a correspondent or contributor in the Maluku and North Maluku regions.

His work has been published in,,, Viva NewsANTV Klik, and The Jakarta Post. In 2019, Belseran received a Tempo Investigation Fellowship and his investigative report, "The Last Party of Activists," was published on and

Belseran has received a number of fellowships, including one to the Pulitzer Center's Southeast Asia Rainforest Journalism Fund.

Belseran serves as the secretary for the Maluku Regional Management for the Indonesian Television Journalists Association. He was also part of a team of investigative journalists who formed the Mollucas Center of Investigative Journalism club in Maluku in 2020. This organization aims to gather journalists in Maluku who are concerned about human rights issues, the environment, corruption, and the problem of trafficking in children and women.