Alexis Smith


Alexis Smith graduated from Harold Washington and Harry S Truman College-City Colleges of Chicago in December 2018. Her love for journalism began in high school as a student journalist with Global Girl Media Chicago, a non-profit journalism program for young women. There, Alexis sharpened her reporting skills with stories ranging from sustainability to depression, and in her senior year, she became an intern and assisted new student journalists. Alexis actively participates in several programs within the disabled community. Some examples include her role as a mentor with Disabilitiy Justice Mentoring Collective, as a proud disabled dancer and model for the organization, Rebirth Garments, and as a storyteller with Young Adult Readings with Tellin' Tales Theatre, an organization that focuses on storytelling for people with and without disabilities. Alexis is devoted to becoming a better actress, so she is also an improv student at IO theater.

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