Alejandra Tapia


Journalism Fund

Alejandra Tapia is a researcher and writer in the Ecuadorian province of Pastaza.

She is an arts and biodiversity communicator and holds a master's degree in organizational communication and theater performance. She grew up in an Amazonian wildlife reserve, Centro Fatima-OPIP, today Zanja Arajuno, whose efforts are oriented toward the generation of sustainable alternatives for the balanced management of the forest and care of biodiversity through community participation.

She has participated with Amazonian youth organizations and has accompanied the processes of defense of rights and nature through the arts and communication, with social and Indigenous peoples organizations such as Confenaie, Sarayaku, IQBSS, and Comuna Amazónica.

Tapia has been a university professor and has worked in the design of strategies and content generation in the public, private and non-governmental sectors: UMET, Constitutional Court, Public Radio of Ecuador, and CDES.

Alejandra Tapia