Aditi Kantipuly


Aditi's purpose has been driven by her fascination with all things rare. Her work with the Pulitzer Center involves reporting on CMV Retinitis (CMVR), a virus which can potentially cause blindness. CMVR is a rare virus in the general population, but disproportionately affects those affected by HIV with limited access to treatment. More specifically, she will focus on how CMVR has affected the most vulnerable HIV populations such as transgendered individuals, sex workers, and injection drug users. She is also currently serving as a 2015-16 Fulbright Scholar in India, investigating how health care delivery can be strengthened to respond to rare genetic diseases.

Her academic environment during her post graduate work at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health led her to cultivate a heightened sense of awareness about the myriad of challenges marginalized populations face. She says that the importance of social equity within the realm of global healthcare was often emphasized helping her to carve a path to serve as a voice for the most vulnerable members of society.

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