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Xyza Bacani and Daniella Zalcman Work Featured in OSF 2017 Moving Walls Exhibit

Event Date:

October 4, 2017 - July 20, 2018


Open Society Foundations
224 West 57th Street

New York, NY 10019

Close to 40 men and women sit around a table and share a meal inside the kitchen of the shelter.

Singapore is a prosperous country in Asia and migrant workers have played an important role in its...


Daniella Zalcman's Signs of Your Identity and Xyza Bacani's Singapore Runaways will be featured in the Open Society Foundations' upcoming exhibition,  Here We Are: Visual Resistance and Reclaiming Narratives. The exhibit will be on display from October 4, 2017, to July 20, 2018, at the Open Society Foundations' office in New York City.

Open Society Foundations is an organization that funds programs a variety of different programs across the globe. According to its site, "Here We Are brings together 10 individual and collective artists, journalists, documentarians, and advocates who engage with art and documentary practice as forms of resistance. Together they confront and challenge our understanding of past trauma, present-day realities, and future possibilities within the context of race, religion, sexuality, political and economic repression, and colonial history."

Bacani and Zalcman are a part of the inaugural group of OSF Moving Walls grantees who will receive funding to continue their projects as well as be represented in the exhibit.

In her work, Bacani documents the lives Chinese migrant workers in Singapore who left their home countries to seek a better economic future for their families but ended up being exploited.

Zalcman's work examines the legacy of the residential school systems on Native American's and their families, through their memories.


teal halftone illustration of a family carrying luggage and walking


Migration and Refugees

Migration and Refugees