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Pulitzer Center Journalists Discuss Global Nuclear Issues at Elon University

Event Date:

April 5, 2018 | 7:00 PM EDT


Elon University
McEwen Communications Building
100 Campus Drive

Elon, NC 27244

Screenshot courtesy Reza Sayah PBS ​​​​​​​NewsHour.

In a multi-part series for PBS NewsHour, Reza Sayah and Gelareh Kiazand look at Iran’s influence in...

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Protesters voice their opposition to the current liberal South Korean government's "Sunshine" policy of pursuing peace talks with North Korea. Image by Rachel Oswald. South Korea, 2018.
Protesters voice their opposition to the current liberal South Korean government's 'Sunshine' policy of pursuing peace talks with North Korea. Image by Rachel Oswald. South Korea, 2018.

On Thursday, April 5, 2018, join Pulitzer Center grantees Rachel Oswald and Reza Sayah at Elon University for a discussion about nuclear issues in Iran and on the Korean peninsula. Tom Hundley, Pulitzer Center senior editor, joins Oswald and Sayah for the event and shares his reporting from Pakistan and India.

Oswald is a foreign policy reporter at Congressional Quarterly and was formerly at National Journal's Global Security Newswire covering nuclear weapons issues. In addition to receiving Pulitzer Center support, Oswald has been a fellow of the International Reporting Project, the Japan Foreign Press Center, and the National Endowment for Democracy. In her first Pulitzer Center-supported project, The Return of Cold War Nuclear Fears, Oswald explored what is motivating the resurgent Cold War rhetoric in Russia and also looked at how the United States and the rest of NATO is responding to the rising tensions of nuclear powers. More recently, Oswald visited South Korea to report on nuclear issues.

Sayah is currently based in Tehran, Iran, where he was born. He previously worked for Al Jazeera, and was CNN's correspondent based in Cairo where he covered the Middle East and North Africa. His Pulitzer Center-supported project, Iran Wins in Iraq, is a a multi-part series for PBS NewsHour covering Iran's interference in Iraq and Iran's rising religious, political, and security presence there. Sayah, who holds a master's in journalism from the University of Missouri, also looks at how the United States has tacitly teamed up with archrival Iran to defeat ISIS, and why this rare occurrence is not a sign of things to come. 

Hundley focuses on regional tensions and nuclear weapons for his reporting projects, Pakistan and India: The Real Nuclear Challenge and The Nuclearization of the Indian Ocean. He recently returned from the region where he undertook additional reporting. Before joining the Pulitzer Center, Hundley was a newspaper journalist for 36 years, including nearly two decades as a foreign correspondent for the Chicago Tribune. During that time he served as the Tribune's bureau chief in Jerusalem, Warsaw, Rome and London, reporting from more than 60 countries.

This community lecture is sponsored by the Elon University School of Communication, the Department of Political Science & Policy Studies, and the Turnage Family Faculty Innovation and Creativity Fund for the Study of Political Communication. It is part of a two-day visit by Oswald, Sayah and Hundley to Elon, one of the Pulitzer Center's Campus Consortium partners.


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