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Photojournalist David Rochkind Presents at Berlin's World Health Summit


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October 21, 2014 | 4:00 PM EDT TO 5:30 PM EDT
Image by David Rochkind. Vietnam, 2014.

Vietnam has less than 30 percent of the funding needed to fight tuberculosis. With only the most...

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Pulitzer Center-supported photojournalist David Rochkind will speak on the World Health Summit's Financing Global Health panel on Tuesday, October 21, 2014.

Since it began in 2009, the World Health Summit has brought together opinion leaders from academia, politics, civil society, and the private sector to take responsibility in all health related challenges. The Summit takes place each year in Berlin, Germany, and attracts about 1,200 participants from around the world, enjoying the patronage of the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, the President of the French Republic, and the President of the European Commission.

In 2014, the Summit takes place October 19-22 and is structured along four main tracks: Education and Leadership, Research and Innovation, Evidence to Policy, and Global Health for Development. Central topics will be (among others): Climate Change and Health, Universal Health Coverage, Healthy Cities & Prevention, Medical Education.

Rochkind will draw on his worldwide TB and HIV/AIDS public health reporting to provide an on-the-ground perspective on global health financing during the October 21 panel.

Rochkind has spent more than four years reporting on the global tuberculosis epidemic and developed the work into an educational website and curriculum for high schools, that teaches about TB and public health in the developing world ( In addition to his reporting on TB in Vietnam and Moldova, he covered the fight against HIV in Honduras.

His photography has appeared in a variety of newspapers and magazines, including The New York Times Magazine and Rolling Stone, and has won awards and grants from the National Press Photographers Association, World Health Organization and others in addition to his grants from the Pulitzer Center.

World Health Summit
Financing Global Health Panel
Tuesday, October 21
4:00 - 5:30pm
Symposium (SYM 04)
Berlin, Germany

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