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Mekong Discovery Days at the 12th Cambodia International Film Festival


Event Date:

May 31, 2023 - June 1, 2023 | 10:00 AM +07
Anton L. Delgado will speak at the Mekong Discovery Days event at the 12th Cambodia International Film Festival on June 1, 2023. Image courtesy of CIFF.

Mekong Discovery Days will bring to the public a digital photo exhibition and films related to the lives and cultures of Indigenous peoples in Cambodia and Indonesia.

The 12th Cambodia International Film Festival (CIFF) will be May 30-June 4 at the Olympia Mall, ground floor. Mekong Discovery Days will be May 31-June 1, with a photo exhibition in the theme of landscapes, biodiversity, and protectors.

The Pulitzer Center has selected 39 photos from three artists: Rainforest Investigations Fellow Anton L. Delgado and Rainforest Journalism Fund grantees Andy Ball and Le Quynh. Photos will be exhibited digitally in the Olympia Mall, and then the exhibition will be continued at a film archive center, Bophana Center, for a few more weeks.

On June 1, Delgado will speak on stage at the Olympia Mall, sharing his works at Southeast Asia Globe and the stories behind the exhibited photos, along with experts from other organizations such as WWF, Fauna & Flora, Wonder of the Mekong, and more.


May 31, 2023
11am-12 pm
Presentation: “Experiences Sharing on Documenting the Biodiversity in the Mekong River and Tonle Sap Lake”
By: Chhut Chheana and Thach Phanara

2–3:30 pm
Film screening followed by a panel discussion with four conservationists
By: Hoy Sreynov, Hong Chamnan, Lor Kimsan, and Som Sitha
Moderator: Chea Seila

Sharing Experiences in Plastic Recycling
By: Riem Monisilong

Screening Patrolling for Change
By: Fauna & Flora International

Screening Run with Sai, followed by Q&A with Sai

June 1, 2023
10am –12pm
Presentation of Let’s Document Cambodia, a project by Sunflower Film Organization
By: Sum Sithen and Sien Sokny

Screening Cambodian Indigenous Life and Culture, followed by Q&A with Indigenous filmmakers
Moderator: SOM Kuntheary

Artist talk: “Lessons From Documenting Cambodia’s Protected Areas and Endangered Wildlife”
By: Anton L Delgado

Screening Mentawai –Souls of the Forest
By Peter Joo (Indonesia)


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#ShowMeYourTree: The Mekong Influencer Initiative


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Environment and Climate Change
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