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Introducing the Amazon Rainforest Letter Contest Workshops

Event Date:

August 23, 2023 | 6:00 PM -05 TO 7:00 PM -05


During this webinar, we will draw inspiration from the reporting stories published by the Rainforest Journalism Fund and the Rainforest Investigation Network to conduct a workshop that encourages young people to write and participate in the Amazon Rainforest Letter contest. This webinar will help us create narratives that promote positive change within our communities, with the aim of protecting the Amazon Rainforest.

We will offer an understanding of the format and methodology to be employed in the workshops aimed at guiding participants in writing their own letters to be submitted in the Amazon Letter Contest. We will also delve into the process of facilitating and organizing community-based workshops that focus on practicing writing skills and fostering civic engagement.

The space extends to educators, leaders, and environmental activists to be a part of a session in order to explore the workshop materials, methodology, and all the elements necessary to facilitate their own workshops. Additionally, we will share the official landing page for the contest, which will serve as the focal point for participants to submit their letters.

Finally, we will present a collection of online resources that will enhance the ability to guide workshop participants through their writing journey, ensuring their active participation in the letter contest.


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