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Flagler Forum: Journalist Melanie Saltzman Explores 'The Future of Food'

Event Date:

March 11, 2020 | 7:00 PM EDT


Flagler College
Lewis Auditorium
14 Granada Street

St. Augustine, FL 32084

Image courtesy of PBS NewsHour. United States, 2019.

Can we create a nutritious and affordable food system in a way that’s green and fair? PBS NewsHour...

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Image courtesy of PBS NewsHour. United States, 2019.
Image courtesy of PBS NewsHour. United States, 2019.

Pulitzer Center journalist grantee Melanie Saltzman, a producer for PBS NewsHour Weekend, tackles "The Future of Food" during her remarks on Wednesday, March 11, 2020, at the Flagler Forum on Government and Public Policy.

The threats of a growing population and climate change, in addition to poverty and conflict, mean the world's food supply is under pressure like never before. Many experts agree the way we produce food is not only unsustainable, but is itself a major contributor to climate change. 

Saltzman's Pulitzer Center-supported project, "The Future of Food" series for PBS NewsHour Weekend, presents a global exploration of these issues as well as potential solutions. Her Flagler Forum lecture, which is free and open to the public, addresses key themes from that series. 

For more than 30 years, the Flagler College Forum on Government and Public Policy has invited nationally-recognized journalists and commentators to St. Augustine to discuss issues of importance in regional, state and federal government.

In addition to her Flagler Forum lecture, Saltzman plans to meet with faculty and students at Flagler College, a Campus Consortium partner. Kem Sawyer, Pulitzer Center contributing editor, joins her during this two-day visit.


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Food Security

Food Security
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Environment and Climate Change

Environment and Climate Change