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Border Lands: The Wall's Impact on Property Rights

Event Date:

February 13, 2019 | 9:30 AM EST TO 11:00 AM EST


New America
740 15th Street NW
Suite 900

Washington, DC 20005

Juan Cavazos of Brownsville, Texas at the electronic gate in the border fence that runs through his property. Image by Martin do Nascimento for The Texas Tribune. United States, 2017.

Donald Trump's promised border wall will involve taking land from hundreds of people. An earlier...

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Image courtesy of New America.
Image courtesy of New America.

Much has been said about the cost, feasibility, and effectiveness of President Trump's proposed border wall. But what about the rights of thousands of families and organizations in the United States whose property the wall will run through?

In partnership with the Future of Property Rights Program at New America, we will explore the political, legal, and human dimensions of property rights along the U.S.–Mexico border.

On Wednesday, February 13, 2019, in Washington, D.C., please join the Pulitzer Center and New America as we welcome Pulitzer Center-supported journalist Kiah Collier, Mary McCord, and Ilya Somin to discuss this hot-button topic. Yuliya Panfil, director of the Future of Property Rights program, moderates the panel. 

Collier reports on energy and the environment for The Texas Tribune. Her project, "Border Fence Land Grab," examines the property-rights consequences—past and pending—of building walls along the southern border of the United States. Both McCord and Somin are law professors (Georgetown and George Mason respectively) with expertise on these subject matters. 

New America is pioneering a new kind of think and action tank: a civic platform that connects a research institute, technology lab, solutions network, media hub and public forum.

Coffee and a light breakfast will be served. This is a free event and space is limited - reserve your seat today.


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