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Resource August 28, 2012

Simeon Tegel: Reporting on Climate Change in Latin America

Media file: Waterless Lima 019.JPG
Children at the Santa Rosita Kindergarten, in the Huaycan shantytown on the eastern outskirts of Lima, use water brought by their parents in buckets to wash their hands. Image by Simeon Tegel. Peru, 2012.

Pulitzer Center grantee Simeon Tegel is a British journalist based in Lima, Peru. He covers a broad range of themes across Latin America, including politics, society, culture and sport but specializes in environmental issues, development and adventure.

His reports for the Pulitzer Center primarily focus on climate change, as the effects of this environmental phenomenon increasingly burden Latin America. With coverage on the drought in Chihuahua to the vanishing glaciers in Ecuador, Tegel's on-the-ground reporting from four of the region's climate frontlines documents the human consequences of anthropogenic global warming's early impacts.


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Environment and Climate Change

Environment and Climate Change