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Resource May 23, 2018

Meet the Journalists: Sara Reardon, Adam Levy, Greg Kendall-Ball


A former FARC combatant takes a break at a pepper farm near La Union, Valle del Cauca. Image by Greg Kendall-Ball/Nature. Colombia, 2018.

After more than 50 years of conflict, Colombia is trying to reintegrate thousands of rebels and...

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Multiple Authors
Filming interviews in Colombia
Filming an interview with an ex-combatant in La Union, Colombia.

For decades Colombia has been haunted by civil war.  In 2016, the government signed a peace treaty with the major guerrilla group known as the FARC. Now, it is trying to reintegrate tens of thousands of ex-combatants into Colombian society.

But how do you rehabilitate people whose lives have been defined by violence?  Sara Reardon, Adam Levy, and Greg Kendall-Ball investigate the role that research is playing in this delicate recovery process. Their story, published in Nature, features writing, film and photography detailing this pivotal time in Colombia's history.


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War and Conflict

War and Conflict