Resource April 5, 2016

Meet the Journalist: Jon Cohen

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Ending AIDS

An on-the-ground look at efforts in Africa and the United States to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

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USAID South Africa: Promoting Awareness that Tuberculosis is Curable. Creative Commons.

With support from the Pulitzer Center, Jon Cohen is coordinating a package of stories for four media outlets that look at attempts to end the AIDS epidemic in the United States and sub-Saharan Africa. Cohen, a staff writer with Science, who has covered the HIV/AIDS epidemic in more than 50 countries, is working with PBS NewsHour to produce five video segments in New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, Kenya, Rwanda, and South Africa. Other work includes an online story for BuzzFeed about Zimbabwe, a feature story about South Africa for Science, and for UCTV, a documentary about Diane Havlir, a co-chair of San Francisco's Getting to Zero project who heads the HIV/AIDS program at UC San Francisco's General Hospital. All of the stories will appear before the international AIDS conference to be held in Durban, South Africa, in July 2016.


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Health Inequities

Health Inequities