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Jennifer Miller Talks about Nepal's Dental Crisis


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For 10 years, Laura Spero has provided badly needed dental care for 18,000 Nepalis, with the...

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A man gets a filling inside the clinic. The conditions are rough but meet basic hygiene guidelines. Image by Jennifer Miller. Nepal, 2013.

Journalist Jennifer Miller reports from Nepal about a unique dental hygiene project, "Nepal's Dental Crisis and an Unlikely Hero."

The unlikely hero is 22-year-old Laura Spero, who founded an organization called Eva Nepal in 2002 that brings dental care to remote Nepali communities.

These days, Eva Nepal serves 18,000 people in two villages and Spero is expanding the program into a third. But getting people to brush their teeth is more complicated than you might expect. As Miller reports, Spero has to deal with corrupt officials and cultural barriers.

Miller's reporting follows Spero's efforts in Nepal and looks at how her hometown of Bethesda, Maryland, has supported this humanitarian project.


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Health Inequities

Health Inequities